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What makes my heart beat faster

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” - Anaïs Nin

My approach to therapy is integrative. I combine elements from behavioral and talk therapy as well as psychoanalysis to create a customized comprehensive offer.

Life comes with complex challenges and crises. This can affect anyone. Often the triggering events arrive unprepared and can throw one off track. On such rocky journeys, it can help to invest time in yourself.

With a picture, I would put it this way: You need good hiking boots for a hike. Once broken in, they fit so well that you actually forget you're wearing them. But in phases where we lose strength, these forgotten boots can make all the difference. You may even experience that your boots are carrying you. I want to help my clients to perceive these walking boots again. Or in other words to recognize and reactivate the inner resources and strengths.

Ein Trauma ist wie eine große innerliche Wunde, die durch schlimme Erlebnisse entstanden ist. Solch eine Wunde kann uns Menschen im Alltag lähmen und blockieren. Oft fühlt sich die betroffene Person anders als andere Menschen und kämpft sich mühsam durchs Leben. Diese Anstrengungen kosten Kraft und haben häufig eine innerliche Erschöpfung zur Folge. In solchen Situationen kommen einem die inneren Gefühle verwirrend vor, oder entschwinden dem eigenen Zugriff. Obwohl sich Menschen nach Beziehung sehnen, gehen manche zur Sicherheit auf Abstand.

Durch die EMDR (“Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing”) Traumabegleitung und die Sand-Tray-Therapie werden die hervorgerufenen Gefühle und die Lebenssituation unter neuen Aspekten betrachtet. Manchmal können Symptome nicht durch eine Therapie ausgelöscht werden, denn sie haben eine wichtige Schutzfunktion.

Ich unterstütze meine Klienten darin, die Ursache, Funktion und Wertigkeit der Symptome in dem klienteneigenen Tempo zu entdecken und für die Alltagsbewältigung relevant zu machen. Dadurch kann ein Heilungsprozess beginnen und das Leben wieder gelingend gestaltet werden.

Auf Klientenwunsch hin beziehe ich den christlichen Glauben als wertvolle Ressource in den Aufarbeitungsprozess mit ein.

Weiterführende Informationen zu meinen Methoden:

In our globalized world, new situations can make cross-cultural living necessary. New situations can be a move, a life partner with a different culture, professional opportunities or family circumstances.

New challenges arise during such specific transitional phases. These relate to one's identity, belonging, role, status, and overall daily responsibilities. The transition can bring chaos, as familiar things make way for quite a lot of new things. Often, no area of life is left untouched.

Through coaching, I aim to support my clients during this phase as a scaffold and help minimize their stress as a companion along the way. I support my clients to train their cross-cultural communication and perception skills.

The long-term goal of my work is to strengthen my clients' sense of belonging, their individual personality and their confidence to act in the new environment.

When one's own behavior is brought into a sense of peace with the foreign cultural conditions, this increases one's confidence to act and self-determination in the new environment.

In many developing and emerging Asian countries, there is a great need in the field of counseling, as there is little quality counseling and pastoral care for people especially in poor circumstances.

Together with the christian non-profit organization Living Wholeness, I am involved in training lay counselors, pastors and professional counselors. In doing so, I aim to alleviate the plight of the great lack of counseling and accompaniment for people of limited financial means. In doing so, we are already working in eight Asian countries and have developed and implemented an accredited university course in partnership with the Brisbane School of Theology.

The heart of this work is to bring hope and dignity to those affected in difficult - often traumatic situations. We give counselors a better understanding of how to deal with those affected.


Consulting rates

As a Heilpraktikerin for psychotherapy, I work primarily for patients with private health or supplementary insurance and for self-pay patients. Costs that are not reimbursed by health insurance must be paid by the patient. Treatment costs that you incur through Heilpraktiker for psychotherapy are usually not covered by public health insurance.

My counseling rates per counseling hour are as follows:

  • Psychotherapy: €60/h
  • Intercultural Coaching: €60/h



The counseling sessions usually last 60 minutes. For more information on treatment costs and health insurance click here.